Church Concerts

Repertoire for the church concerts consists mainly of famous gospel songs recorded by Elvis Presley. At Christmas time the program includes also well-known Elvis Christmas songs. As a back-up plays and sings the four-man band, Cool Company.

These concerts, being based on Elvis’ gospel music, achieved a great success in 2011 showing that these kind of concerts are needed.

This concert, which has been implemented with a good taste, will serve a memorable experience building a bridge between the different generations with the help of Elvis’ music, and also by combining Elvis’ most famous hits, beloved Christmas songs and touching gospels, it will bring the Church closer to the people.

The very first concert was held in August 2011 in Finlayson Church, Tampere. The church was crowded with people and roughly three times more people listened to the concert outside the church!

Even Aamulehti, the one of the biggest newspapers in Finland, reported of that success on its front page with big photos! After that first concert, the concerts were moved to the bigger Alexander Church (1200 seats), which has also been crowded each time, with three concerts arranged so far!

Due to the positive feedback, increasing interest and demand, Aron & Cool Company are giving more and more concerts, also all around Finland.




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