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Legends Are Alive!

Company occasions & parties, concert halls, theaters, night clubs, cruises, special occasions! 

According to tradition Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe never met in the real life. As for Roy Orbison’s and Marilyn Monroe’s possible encounter, there is no certainty if they ever met… They all were superstars of their own era, real idols and living legends. Their music and movies are still strongly in our hearts.

These persons are rumored to have passed away many decades ago and are singing at the moment only in the heavenly choirs…  or can we trust this rumor? What about if they have, however, returned to the temporal parties?

In Viva Las Vegas! -show you will meet “Elvis Presley”, “Roy Orbison” and “Marilyn Monroe”, hear their immortal hits, and see what happens when “Elvis”, “Roy” and “Marilyn” meet for the first time. There will be excellent performances and great co-numbers! The performers rank with the best of artists and musicians in Finland. And all songs will be heard live backed by either a band of by backround tapes.

The simple plot is driven forward by the songs and their lyrics. Naturally, the legends will be seen in many different kinds of outfits.

Viva Las Vegas! -show with band

Viva Las Vegas! -show can be backed by four-five man band. The duration of the show  can vary according to your needs 60-120 minutes. In addition the band can play their own repertoire (1-2 45-minute sets), and they have their own vocalist. Including a complete PA system. Light and smoke effects are also available.

“Roy Orbison”: Wallo aka Valeri Manninen. He won 2nd place in the ’Tie tähtiin’-contest hosted by Danny (MTV3), also performing in Danny show.

“Marilyn Monroe”: Gilda alias Tuija Lehtonen. A talent and skilled jazz-singer released several recordings.


“Elvis Presley”: Aron alias Juha Leppänen. Performed i.e. in ’Bumtsi Bum Elvis-special’ (MTV3), released his first album 2010.


Viva Las Vegas!-show options

Viva Las Vegas! -show with background tapes

Singing live, background music with high-quality tapes produce a sound very close to original recordings. The duration of the show can vary according to your needs 45-60 minutes. Including a complete PA system. Light and smoke effects are also available.

Kuva: Risto Salmijärvi