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Concert Halls

Elvis theme concert can be carried out in many different ways and with a different number of show and band members; the theme of the concert can be e.g the different eras of Elvis’s career (» see Elvis Forever Show), movies, country, gospel or Christmas.

The basic band is a four-man band called Cool Company. In addition there can be a symphony orchestra or a big band as a reinforcement.

The wished / needed amount of dance girls are also available; e.g. in 2007 “Las Vegas” –dance artwork was produced with 30 dancers!

In November 2012 a concert called “Kuninkaan laulut” was arranged in Kuopio Music Centre, in which Aron & Aamuvuori All Stars performed together with  a 25-people symphony orchestra Tahdistin! This concert, involved totally as many as 100 people, and it was probably the biggest Elvis production ever implemented in Finland before! The concert was professionally recorded by several TV-cameras, and a DVD will be produced from the material filmed.

The concert program for your occasion can be tailored to your needs. Please call and we can build up the program together! Please call for further information!

Kuninkaan Laulut

Kuninkaan Laulut

Kuninkaan Laulut Kuninkaan Laulut

Kuninkaan LaulutKuninkaan Laulut

Kuninkaan Laulut

Kuninkaan Laulut

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