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Keväiden previous model,  The 50’s Summer Festival  will be held  is Saturday 05/18/2019  , and it INVITES all vintage and rock ‘n’ roll friends to jam together again, summertime  stocks of sharks on stage , Max.


The opening event of the summer festival and event season is a fascinating and nostalgic whole That is different from the rest of the event, Which is at the same time a  fascinating combination of the American rock roll of the 1950s and the Finnish evening culture of That time.


There are three high-quality, style-conscious Musicians:




Lasse Liemola is a living legend and in fact, Finland’s first youth Idol!


In 1957, they won Talent exploration competitions and recorded the single  Blue Moon / Street on the sunny bond . Leviola became a youth Solo song with her song Diva in the same year  . Other Liemola songs were  Anna , Paul Anka,  Diana,  and Originally Cliff Richard’s  Living Doll .

With its Popularity, Liemola was also able to participate in a few Films, such as the  School Chain  from 1959.


Especially for young people!





Rockin ‘Lady & Her Rivertown Boys is a classic 1950s rockabilly rock rock with the same era.

The stage emits a beautiful and talented female singer, drums and guitar.

An impressive stage show and really good music will guarantee you an unforgettable experience!





Aron & Cool Company Culminates The Evening By Carrying Us With Elvis Presley’s Most Legendary Rock Classics From Where Every Time Started!

Elvis Presley was a nicknamed  King of Rock’n Roll .




Addicting to the milieu of the Haika stage. This is an event worth dating!


The 50’s Summer Festival is an  age-free event  and even the whole family – from baby to junk!


And as it is, there is also  Puffetti , where you can buy Delicious Hot Dogs, soft drinks or traditional Sandwiches and coffee. In addition, there is an eye-catcher for the men and women in the 50’s  and the  50’s dressed in the theme   !


This is alsó the best opportunity for the  motorcycle and car enthusiasts  to celebrate the opening of the season; They are also hoping to get the ground with Spectacular drives!


The photography is Markku Rintala for a small fee.


PS You can get into the Aron’s “Return To Sender” music video, which is also featured on Haika’s stage.

Watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/filg_kmjzwI





The event is produced by Juha Leppänen


The 50’s Summer Festival

La 18.5.2019, 19-24

Haikan lava, Pirkkala

No age limit

Tickets 25 €, children under 12 years. € 10


Pre-sale: Juha Leppänen


On Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/events/863609773983497/


Info and Interview Requests:

Juha Leppänen


P. 040-552 9032

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